Referrals for Our Guelph Practice

Guelph Dental Associates greatly appreciates all referrals! 

Why Choose Us?

Located in the heart of Guelph, we have been focused on the oral health care of patients of all ages.

Services at our office are provided by both general and pediatric dentists.

At Guelph Dental Associates, we promise:

  • To provide timely appointments for your referred patients
  • To educate patients and families on prevention
  • To create personalized plans for each patient
  • To admit patients back into your care with a detailed report of their treatment

Quick and Easy Referral Process

Our referral process is super easy and quick!

To refer a patient to Guelph Dental Associates, simply complete our online referral form.

Dentist Referrals for Children in Guelph

Refer a Patient

To refer a patient to Guelph Dental Associates, please fill out this form.

We have both general dentists and pediatric specialists for all of your child's oral health needs.